Kerrygold is a premium butter, but brand equity was starting to erode due to the lack of investment. Kerrygold approached us to develop an influencer marketing strategy to shift perception, and strengthen brand equity amongst a key growth segment of younger, foodie audiences.

We recommended working with a single creator to drive credibility and association over a longer time period, and brokered a bespoke brand ambassador partnership with star baker Benjamina Ebeuhi, former Bake Off contestant and food writer.

@Bakedbybenji created a series of custom recipes for Kerrygold, heroing the butter’s taste, provenance and quality across an array of sweet and savoury dishes.

Interactive stories and newsfeed posts generated high participation from the audience, ensuring communication was not just one-way, stimulating genuine conversation and peer to peer recommendations between followers of Bakedbybenji across her various channels.

All content, posts and recipes were then re-used and amplified across Kerrygold’s paid channels and owned touchpoints in a ‘creator marketing’ move aimed at maximising the value of the partnership, and broadening reach.

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