Since being founded in 2013, OnePlus has become a brand to watch in the Android phone market. With exceptional year on year growth, they were looking to do something big to launch their new products, but needed to satisfy their highly engaged fan-base who make it clear that they want money spent on NPD, not marketing.

To launch the OnePlus 6, we tapped into the brand’s huge community of fans, including 1.3 million forum members from more than 183 countries, who help guide OnePlus product development through their feedback. What better way to engage with them than to ask for feedback on how OnePlus could improve their advertising too?

The #NeverSettleFilm was a series of six online films that enabled the Chinese phone maker to co-create ads with their audience. We took the best and most interesting social comments from across Europe and incorporated them into each new iteration, the first co-creation of its kind in the smartphone category.

When Adam23 wanted roller skating unicorns – we gave them to him. When Sarah56 begged us for donuts, several times, we printed her the biggest donut we could. And we thanked them for their contribution with personalised GIFs that they then shared on their own social channels, growing awareness of OnePlus out from the fanbase to a new audience.


The videos received over 20k+ comments and 53m+ views and the campaign also increased brand interest in the UK by 121.3%, making it the most successful product launch in OnePlus history.

The #NeverSettleFilm was an online campaign that truly lives up to its name with dragons, unicorns and more – all made hand in hand with the community, just like the OnePlus 6.

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