Unlock The Speed

The OnePlus 6T launched in 2018, at “peak smartphone”. Everyone had become numb to the latest device upgrades but we somehow needed to celebrate the release of the OnePlus 6T, and its new in-display fingerprint scanner, and showcase OnePlus as an exciting and innovative brand at the forefront of the category.

We knew that a brand-out communications plan would fall flat. Instead, we devised and developed an app game, Unlock Your Speed, which shared exactly the same mechanism as the brand-new feature of the OnePlus 6T – tap to unlock. 

Hosted within the OnePlus website, all users had to do was enter their name and email to enter. Initially announced to the core audience within OnePlus forums, pretty soon around the globe, people began tapping their screens over, and over, and over again. Each tapping milestone that players reached unlocked personal prizes for them, and exclusive device information for all players who were sharing everything on social media from their high scores, elaborate tapping techniques, broken bones, and hacking how-tos.

To help drive growth within markets we also developed a CMS system which allowed local OnePlus employees to input custom milestones and prizes relevant to that market. They could also utilise this tool to output bespoke codes for influencers who were engaged to drive gameplay in their fanbase.


Over the two weeks the game was live, we had over ten billion taps, from over five hundred thousand players. With registrations from two hundred and eighteen countries, we increased our community worldwide by two hundred percent. Not only did this new community unlock the new OnePlus 6T, but they bought it too. OnePlus 6T sales in America were 86% higher on the first day than the OnePlus 6, and overall, the 6T grew by 249% in sales over its predecessor.

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