Vita Coco

Pressed launch

When Vita Coco came to launching its new Pressed Coconut water, they turned to us for a striking campaign that would get Coconut Water rejectors to reconsider, in a campaign called ‘Impossible to Hate’.

We decided we needed to make the product more relevant to people, and help them understand why and when they should be drinking Coconut Water. Our overall strategy would use comms to confront and challenge people’s opinions about the taste, by stopping them in their tracks (sometimes literally) and making them reconsider.

At launch, we complemented a broad reach OOH campaign with highly relevant and personalised ads in social media. We created a number of different audience segments based on their lifestyle, interests and location, from 9-5 office workers, to regular gym goers, or students across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We then served tailored ads to each audience segment, framing why they should give Vita Coco Pressed a try, in ways that would connect with them. We talked to stressed commuters about getting through those Monday morning blues; we served weather-activated ads about coping in the heatwave; and targeted hungover twenty- somethings on weekend mornings.

As the campaign evolved, we introduced more messages linked to cultural moments, as the nation was variously consumed with social chatter about topics as diverse as Brexit, and the latest dramas in Love Island (guess which one people were more engaged with).


All in all, Pressed was Vita Coco’s most successful NPD launch of recent years, and our campaign helped secure increased distribution in over 4,000 stockists.

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